The Film & Story

The Story

Our story focuses on a young commoner girl and her father as they set out on a quest to find warriors to defend their planet from the invading marauder army. The marauder’s pillage and purge the commoner’s villages reigning terror and destruction in their path. Lead by a mysterious dark warrior who instills fear in the eyes of all who encounter him. On their journey, they come across several warriors, which turn out to be Jedi in hiding. They come to aide the commoners in their fight against the marauders army but their paths will soon collide with an even more terrifying threat.

The Film

Our first project feature SEVEN JEDI is full-length feature homage to Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and George Lucas’s Star Wars saga. Written and Directed by Keoni. Its in essence a tribute to the great filmmakers of the samurai and sci-fi action genres, who inspired me to follow my dreams to a galaxy, far, far, away


The story takes place in between the two trilogies roughly ten years after the events of Revenge Of The Sith. Knowing that all the jedi are extinct, and all that’s left alive are Yoda and Obi-Wan at the time when A NEW HOPE begins. We wanted to focus on a certain group of jedi, who were still in the outer rim territories fighting the clone wars when order 66 was given, and show that Yoda and Obi-wan weren’t the only ones to survive the onslaught as Vader hunted down the remaining jedi in the timeline between the two trilogies. The characters in the film are loosely based off Akira Kurosawa’s original Seven Samurai, but have complete back stories that tie in with the feature films. Given that, we want to showcase the various lightsaber forms and force powers not seen on film and have the action geared more towards the style of the Gendy Tartakovsky’s clone war cartoons.