The Cast & Crew


Keoni Maemori – Da Boss


In 1977 Keoni’s life changed forever, STAR WARS flashed before his eyes and the yellow text scrolled up and disappeared into the star field beyond. After watching it for the third time that day, Keoni knew what he wanted to do when he grew up.


Keoni started off shooting Japanese weddings. Later was certified at O’lelo, and then went on to get a Television Production Certificate at LCC. At that point he started working as a Production Assistant on LOST and Emme’s Island Moments, and then decided to pursue his own production company. In early 2005, JHM Productions was born; with the idea of having a complete production house all under one roof here in the islands with all local talents.


Today he’s worked on various Indy film projects, music videos, Sport Truck DVDs, and other shorts and parodies. Keoni’s passion to make a feature film on a grand scale with a tiny budget comes alive with SEVEN JEDI.


His passion is collecting weapons, and he is an avid Star Wars memorabilia collector as well. He’s supplied the various costumes and props for the film Keoni says he is a walking Star Wars encyclopedia. One day he wants to instruct a STAR WARS 101 class.


As for what the future may hold, he still believes its his destiny to become a Big time director like Lucas, Spielberg and Cameron and make movies for all ages to enjoy as I did when I was a little boy, and maybe even give the next generation inspiration as well.

Tanya Pimental


Tanya Pimental – Production Designer


Philip TamBoa


Philip TamBoa – Art Team Leader

Attendad W.R. Farrington High (Magna Cum Laude) and later received a B.A. in Graphic Design at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In his past ‘art-related jobs’ he has been a wedding photographer, an editorial cartoonist, done work in silk screen design (banners, shirts, etc.) and also airbrush work (cars, clothing, fingernails, etc.). Phil likes 12 hour naps, jamming on his 6-string, taking pictures, cruising in his pimp-mobile, and of course free food. Some things that he dislikes are losing an online auction, sprinkler water and waiting in line (any line!). Phil says if he had one Super-power, it would be to fly! Then the dream of pissing on people at the same time…

Kalani Young


Kalani Young – Fight Choreographer / Janitor

Was born in 1961 in Seoul Korea, from there he traveled around the U.S with his adopted Father who was stationed at Hawaii’s Wheeler air force base in 1966. During this time, he began to notice the art form of he had. Kalani’s heroes at that time were Shields and Yarnel; a husband and wife team who he thought were the best in the world, when it came to robotics miming style. A few years later in 1973, he took notice of the dance style Campbellocking; better known today as “Locking” which he still continues to do to date. In 1976 at the age of 15 years old Kalani took on another dancing style called Boogaloo more commonly known as “Popping”. The combined knowledge of dancing experiences has now grown to 110 yrs, 37 yrs roboting, 33 yrs Locking & 30 yrs Boogaloo.

His first dance group was started in 1977, called “Unfinished business” and later on in the same year joined the Group “Silver Lockers”. He later on ended up playing Semi Pro football on a team called “San Mateo Sharks” in the position of Wide receiver and corner back. At that time, he was drafted by the Los Angles Raiders and placed on their practice squad, but was unable to make it on the actual playing team. In 1995 he moved back to Hawaii and soon after began teaching at the Nix performing arts center where he still teaches to date. Kalani played Simi pro football on Oahu with the team the “Leeward Chiefs” and went undefeated the whole year winning the Championship game over the current champs the “Maui Sharks” which was played in Maui. Just a few years ago Kalani began acting. He loves working on car’s and trucks, and making things with his hands; electronically and mechanically. Kalani’s heroes are his parents.

Jake Akuna


Jake Akuna – Director of Photography

Jake has worked and produced music videos for artist and record labels in Hawaii, L.A. and Russia, which aired on MTV and other networks worldwide. A graduate of the Musicians Institute of Video and Film in Hollywood; has given him broadcast, directorial, editing and production skills needed to deliver the highest quality work. Jake is the director of DIS-N-DAT Television show on OC16. His production company AKUNA ENTERTAINMENT also works closely with JHM PRODUCTIONS.

Christian Miller


Christian Miller – Audio Team Leader

Christian is a freelance sound artist, composer and producer currently located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Often described as a “sonic explorer”, he can morph his music to fit any genre while still maintaining the creative, boundary-pushing edge that makes productions stand out in oceans of media. With the cost-effective, sleek home studio of his, you get all the professional quality content of a big production house without the exhorbitant prices. Christian has worked with various game developers and other multimedia companies including Mobicore and Future-E-Scape. He has done programming and audio work for a number of Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, and more recently Torque mods and total conversions. Like most in the game industry, he is indeed a gamer, as well as an avid film buff, and hobbyist writer in his spare time.

Recently, Christian has joined Om House Studio; a team of talented musicians, producers, composers and recording engineers offering a wide variety of audio products and services.

Carmen O’Bergh


Carmen O’Bergh – Costume Design

Was born and raised in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico on May 12, 1983. Where she Graduated from high School and started college at the early age of 16. At 17 years of age she moved from her home town of San Juan, to Virginia where she lived alone for the first time in her life. There she sought a Modeling career. Obergh met with Agencies and Photographers, but the results ended up frustrating her. At 22 she moved to Oahu, where she worked with local photographers such as Frank Hosaka. There she was fortunate enough to come across Keoni Maemori who gave her the opportunity of being part of the film Seven Jedi which has opened a new chapter in her live as a rising actress.

Thomas Ikeda


Thomas Ikeda – Concept / Storyboard Artist

Thomas is 29 years old and was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. He attended Kahuku Intermediate and High school, graduating class of 95’. He is currently attending Leeward Community College to get his A.S. in Computer Science. While Attending LCC, he discovered the Digital Media program and ended up falling in love with digital art. A dream of his ever since he was a kid was to be a great artist. Thomas used to draw loony tune characters which always came out almost exact. He’s been drawing seriously for about 5 years now and would like to eventually make a living drawing art. Making character designs for movies, videogames, or storyboarding them would be ideal. After becoming aware of all the possibilities, Thomas now realizes that if you really try, anything is possible.

Lavell Angoleiro


Lavell Angoleiro – Capoeria / fight choreography

Born in San Francisco California, Angoleiro has had a love of the arts, both graphic and martial, for as long as he cares to remember. Angoloeiro graduated Jefferson High in ’97 and went on to discover the power of the pen when he got into creative writing and have several poems published into his school’s magazine. ’97 was also the year Angoleiro began studying the Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira. Angoleiro has also traveled all over the world and has been a member of both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy.

Jason Wong


Jason Wong – dancer / musician / martial artist

Jason is a 20 year old dancer/musician/martial artist. He started training capoeira 7 years ago, and has been on and off for the last few years. He started b-boying(breakdancing) and popping around the same time, and is currently involved with a dance team at Stony Brook University. He is an avid salsa dancer, and has been doing that for a little more than 2 years.He plays violin(11 years) and guitar(6 years). At the moment, he is studying in New York at Stony Brook University for a year as part of the National Student Exchange, after which he will return to Hawaii to finish up his bachelor’s degree in microbiology. He is of Chinese and Hawaiian ancestry. His interests include songwriting, grappling, and sandsliding at the beach.

Zero Kazama


Zero Kazama – Fight Choreographer / Stunt Coordinator

Born in Wakayama, Japan in 1982 in a very rural area where he was put in a wooden box instead of an incubator, his parents moved to Maui when he was a year old to run a tourism business. His inspiration to practice the martial arts came at an early age when he was watching tapes of the popular anime “Dragon Ball” and told his folks that he wanted to do what they were doing on TV. From then on, at age 6, he started practicing various martial arts starting at Tae Kwon Do, earning a black belt in the art at age 12. Finding one art too restrictive and many teachers too egomaniacal, he started learning from friends and movies and video games, even mixing what he saw at raves and nightclubs into his practice. “You can teach a language but you can’t teach poetry, every individual has their own song to move to” sums up his perspective on the arts. Never too big into competitions either, he wondered “why the f*ck are these people so angry?” going to tournaments at an early age.

He has been living in Oahu for the last three years, doing healing/energetic work for a living and fire dancing (which he learned from a group of naked, hallucinating hippies on Maui) part time, mixing martial arts with non-traditional fire-spinning, often doing performances with the Hawaii Fire Tribe. Presently he is pursuing his acting and stuntman career and plans to relocate to Los Angeles to position himself in the heart of the entertainment industry. Also a creative writer that has written several scripts for film, he has a larger plan of making movies that don’t turn people into fearful drones with a narrow perspective on life, and is tired with the nihilistic viewpoint that the Hollywood machine tries to sell to the general public. “It’s like watching the news, most of the time it’s about how messed up the world is, and I feel that it’s strange that being a victim is normal, but looking for beauty in every situation is taboo.” Zero has no formal training in acting, his perspective on it is that everyone does it in every situation in their life, and people unconsciously already have a large number of personalities they draw from daily. He does plan to take classes in the future though, he commented that it’s hard to take classes (in Hawaii) since everyone teaching acting isn’t a working actor, and finds it funny that people don’t see the obvious paradox.

Zero would like to thank Darin Fujimori of the Hawaiian Stunt Connection ( for teaching him the foundations of stunt work and film choreography and getting his stunt career off the ground. Thanks bro

Rocky Clupka


Rocky Clupka – Fight Choreographer


Michael HraBa


Michael HraBa – Production Manager / Airbrush / Concept Artist


Matthew Kawika Ortiz


Matthew Kawika Ortiz – Concept Artist

Born August 15, 1983, Matthew Kawika Ortiz was raised and continues to reside in the quiet town of Laie on the North Shore of Oahu. Upon graduating from Kamehameha Schools, Ortiz studied animation and storyboarding at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles for 2 years before returning home to his roots. Currently attending the University of Hawaii, Ortiz is pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on drawing and painting. Whether it be through oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, spray paint, animation, or printmaking, his work reflects a deep relationship to nature and forms a dynamic conduit for expressing his identity as a young native Hawaiian artist. As a result of his training in Animation he strives to thematically express the imperative of story in his work. Ortiz’s art has been shown in various local galleries and while balancing a busy schedule of free lance projects, school, and personal projects, Ortiz worked from 2003 to 2006 as a graphic designer at the architectural, design, and planning specialist, Group 70 International.

In 2005, during the summer months of May 29 through July 25, Ortiz worked as an intern on the set of Warner Brothers’ Superman Returns via his participation in the University of Hawaii’s ACM (Academy for Creative Media). On the set he gained work experience in storyboarding and conceptual art as well as other facets of film-making.

Current works on display include several prints and multi-media paintings at the Lodestar Collective Gallery in Kailua, Oahu and the featured artwork for the 2006 Waikiki Roughwater Swim T-shirt. He is also in the process of illustrating a series of books for Kamehameha Publishing in conjunction with the Polynesian Voyaging Society, the first book is slated for release on January 1st, 2006.

Kevin Won


Kevin Won – Fight Choreographer / Stunt Coordinator


Desirae Josefoviez


Desirae Josefoviez – Actress / Production Assistant


Mike “Rusty” Bowen


Mike “Rusty” Bowen – Cameraman

Is a 24 Year old haole(caucasian boy) who was born in Portland, OR and is now living in Kaneohe, HI. He grew up in Scappoose, OR until midway through his middle school year, at which time he moved back to Portland to live with his mother. There he attended high school at Centennial High and Alpha High. About a year after graduation Mike moved to the island of Oahu, where he has lived ever since.

Mike has been involved with every facet of the video production process ever since setting foot on the island. In which fields he continues to press himself to remain learning deeper levels in all related areas of the art of video. Through this endeavor, Mike has developed a very good technical support/troubleshooting knowledgebase and that cap is put on whenever requested. This has also pulled him into the beta testing community with Acronis Inc. and Avid Inc. Just recently he has also started learning website development, which is an interesting new challenge to him.

Coffee, Amp, Full Throttle and water are Mike’s drinks of choice. His favorite things to eat are local kine grindz and power bars. A grueling and challenging hike/workout or a nice trip to the beach makes him happy and provides moments of relaxation in his busy schedule. The most important part of Mike’s life is Jesus Christ. Which is pretty much what most everything in his life evolves around; the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified and it’s furtherance.