About Us

Our ambitious project grew out of a small 15-minute film, now we are getting over 50 or so people involved on this. Our production people work in the industry, or are film and TV majors at the University of Hawaii. Our goal is to bring everything together having a Hawaii based film Production Company, all under one roof. We have an art team, of concept artist,story boarders, a makeup team, consisting of prosthetics, latex, and mask makers. A post/editing team of special effects wizards, and a team of fight choreographers too.

Our other goal is actually to get those with little or no experience and get their feet wet and get them some exposure and experience in the Hawaii film community. We already have a few high school students that come out and volunteer with us to get more experience in filmmaking.

Will be shooting on weekends at various locations, although shoot dates are still to be determined due to the weather. Drinks and refreshments will be provided for those who participate as well as they will get a credit and copy of finished film.

We are actually looking beyond the HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival) and looking at I-FILM, etc as well as internationally depending on how long we will be in post-production. But this will be done slowly, which is good about being an independent filmmaker, no studio or execs rushing you to get it done right away. Although this is a side project (We all still have our regular jobs).

It is a very personal thing and I would like to have all those that helped our project get their names out there as well when we release this. We want to show the world what a little island in the pacific can do with a little budge, just imagine what we could do with a bigger budget; the possibilities!